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Bait's & Lake's is a free website that log's fishing data from your time on the bank. Use the site to view indepth stats and details of a fishing venue, or see what bait's are catching the fish. Log all of your own personal fishing data via a mobile device live from the bank. All of the data is stored and used to compile statistics of each aspect of fishing from rig's that catch and bait's that work better on a selected venue.


Baitzone CrowsheathA lake set in the south essex countryside with a number of lakes to suit your needs. Carp,Catfish & course fishing is availible on this day ticket water. Click HERE for more details.

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'TEST' posted a catch report for 'TESTLAKE' in 'Essex'

'TEST' posted a catch report for 'TESTLAKE' in 'Essex'

What is Live-Fish ?

    A real-time fishing report live from the bank.The angler can use there mobile,ipad or laptop to connect to us and report the action as it happen's from rig's being used to the bait that on the rod's. After the session is finished there Live-Fish report will automaticly save as a catch report for everyone to see or to be used to look back at what was working on the venue.
  • Report catches,missed run's or lost fish
  • Post comment's or reply to other's posting
  • Upload photo's of your time on the bank
  • Log your stat's for future reference
  • List past data to view results on a bait
  • See how many you caught on a rig type
  • Tell our user's the tactics your trying
  • Recall past swim's that caught you fish